I have a passion for small business and education.

Why might you ask – it has been my life!


Ken Vesey is the Director of Approachable Consultancy Limited.

Ken has a passion for small business and education. Ken considers himself a little unique in the consulting world. Ken has an extensive background in practical hands on business management through his responsibility of running a variety of business units. Ken also has an extensive background in educational assessment, quality assurance, presenting, course and resource design and evaluation, through his positions and experience as a Quality Assurance Manager.  This uniqueness allows Ken to combine both disciplines in his consulting work.

Ken is a facilitator, technical writer, and an expert trainer/facilitator who has taught business and personal development topics to well over 200,000 people in New Zealand. He is extraordinarily passionate about helping small to medium businesses, which include Private Training Organisations to create the business and success they want.

Ken's background and experiences:

  • Ken has been offering his own business and management consulting, educational consulting and resources development since 2011.
  • His career in business management has involved managing small business units, recruiting staff, conducting management performance, disciplinary meetings, exit interviews and even had to terminate the odd person from a position.
  • Ken’s wide experience in education and business has seen him create and develop staff and business policy and procedures, quality assurance documents and quality systems, personnel systems, employment agreements, contractor agreements and probably nearly every other document you need for best business practice.
  • He has delivered many business and staff workshops covering most of the business range – Supervision, Management, Human Resources, Employment Law, Customer Services, Occupational Safety and Health, Training and Development, Business Efficiency, Business Skills and Personal Development.
  • Ken has been contracted as a panellist by NZQA over the past few years for the purpose of reviewing unit standards in areas such as Accounting - Middle Level, Business Information Management , Business Information Processing, Workplace Relations, Systems and Resources Management and People Development and Coordination.
  • He was also on the NACBS for eight years and part of the Academic Committee.  Ken was also involved as a Business Representative panellist on various New Zealand Diploma of Business accreditation panel visits.
  • Ken is currently an NZQA moderator for Field: First Aid and a members of the Business Qualifications review working group
  • He is a regular contributor in the areas of Best Business Practices, Quality Assurance and People Management, as they relate to a companies brand power and success.

Ken Vesey

- Business & Management Advisor/Consultant
- Educational Advisor/Consultant
- Resource Developer
– Learner Materials - Workshop Facilitator

A Different ‘Approach’ to Consultancy

Approachable Consultancy Limited is not your traditional consultancy agency. We have our own model. Our passion is business growth through reducing the ‘business risk’. We are solution focussed and therefore work on a unique charging model.

We like to work your solution as a project. Our focus is to offer you a fast service and long lasting results. Before we undertake any project, we like to discuss your needs and the end goals. We will prepare a simple proposal setting out the objectives with time line and fee structure. We believe the focus should be on meeting your needs and under this approach, we avoid asking you to make financial decisions every time something comes up on the project. This way, we can keep the focus on solving your problems, since you already know what the end goals for the project are and we can both be certain where we are going.

Our mission is business development through improving human (Personnel) resources and Quality Assurance and thus reducing your exposure to these risk chains.
Our statement of intent is to assist small business and the

Private Training Organisation sector (PTE) to reduce business and educational risk. We achieve this by ensuring you establish clear policies and procedures, appropriate personnel handbooks, systems for recruitment, performance management, individual and small group coaching, and Occupational Safety and Health. For the PTE sector, we add effective assessment practices, sound quality systems and self-evaluation practices. Our consultants will pro-actively educate you on human resource best practice and quality assurance. We promise our availability to answer your queries will always be there. If we are unable to help, we will refer you to another approachable consultant who can.


"Approachable Consultancy has provided excellence in the quality of work they have completed for Business College, working with us, ensuring that we meet tight deadlines.

Due to the quality of Approachable Consultants support, we have now entered into a long term arrangement with the company as we have found the specialist expertise that Approachable Consultancy offers is both necessary and valuable to enable Business College to deliver quality education to its students. It has been a pleasure dealing with such a professional company."

Business College - Brett Mills and Elizabeth Sutherland

Non-university Tertiary Education (PTE's)

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