Enabling Learning & Personal Development

Conventional 'training' is required to cover essential work-related skills, techniques and knowledge. Importantly however, the most effective way to develop people is quite different from conventional skills training, which let's face it many employees regard quite negatively. They'll do it of course, but they won't enjoy it much because it's about work, not about themselves as people. The most effective way to develop people is instead to enable learning and personal development, with all that this implies.

Rightly organisations are facing great pressure to change these days - to facilitate and encourage whole-person development and fulfilment - beyond traditional training.

However, while conventional skills training gives people new techniques and methods, it won't develop their maturity, belief, or courage, which is so essential for the development of managerial and strategic capabilities. When people develop confidence, integrity, emotionally, they automatically become more proactive, solutions-focused, responsive, etc., which across a whole team has a cumulative effect. So many people at work are simply 'going through the motions', acting in a 'conforming' state, often because they feel insecure, lack confidence to do what they think is right, or are nervous about being bold, whereas boldness is absolutely required for self-sufficiency, initiative, greater responsibility; in fact all of the behaviours that organisations strive to encourage.

You can't 'teach' boldness - people have to experience things which enable them to feel bolder, to take risks, and to want to take risks. This means the rewards must be there too or people have no reason to stick their necks out. And not just the prospect of financial reward.

Core learning and personal development methods provided:
  1. Workshops
    - Small group facilitation
    - One-on-one facilitation
    - One-on-one mentoring
  2. Distance learning and development for people as individuals
  3. Guest speaker slots for learning events and conferences/seminars
We offer the following skills:
  1. Working alongside you
  2. Needs analysis to identify needs
  3. Tailor any topic to the learner’s or organisation’s identified needs.
  4. Prepare a Programme Outline in advance to assist with marketing to staff
  5. Prepare a set of follow-up notes as a ‘take-away’
  6. Prepare follow-up application activities the learner completes in the workplace
  7. Follow-up on application activities

Note: In many cases we may be able to assist a relevant NZQA Unit Assessment.

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